Thank you for your interest in obtaining a position with Save Orphans Ministries. The following is a simple inquiry form to see if it is in your interest and to help us follow up with you for interview for a short or long term individual or group mission trip/volunteer service team.

Volunteer positions available currently include:

  1. Librarian for a high school (1)
  2. High school English teacher (1)
  3. Maths teacher for high school (1)
  4. Physical Education Teacher (1)
  5. Sports evangelism coordinator (1)
  6. HIV/AIDS and nutrition nurse and researchers (1)
  7. Medical nurse (1)
  8. Agronomists (1)
  9. Kindergarten school coordinator (1)
  10. Vocational school teacher for welding (1)
  11. Vocational school teacher for carpentry (1)
  12. Vocational school teacher for computer science (1)
  13. Vocational school teachers for motor vehicle mechanics (1)
  14. Vocational school teacher for management course (1)
  15. Grant proposal writer (1)
  16. Community Based Child Care Coordinator (1)
  17. Trainer of pastors (1)
  18. Child Evangelism Coordinator (1)
  19. Child Sponsorship Coordinator (1)
  20. Volunteer Thriftstore Manager-Someone to help SOM start a thrift that sells donated used items)

All information submitted will be held in strict confidence. No phone calls will be made to your current or past employers without first talking to you. Save Orphans Ministries is a drug-free workplace and will conduct a background check on all employee prospects before hiring.

Education & Certifications