Income Generation



Save Orphans Ministries (SOM) in its effort to economically empower vulnerable beneficiaries, i.e. Care givers, S.O.M Volunteers introduced the program of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) in the areas of Songa in Mangochi District and Ntcheu district in Tsangano Makwangwala and Pheza areas. The project started in 2001 in Songa area with five groups receiving small loans from Save Orphans Ministries. However, the groups failed to continue the program due to lack of personnel to help them with technical advice and also to coordinate with other organization to get information for the progress of the project. In January 2006 the program started again in Ntcheu District when the office received a visitor (a volunteer) from USA who came to learn how the IGA project was progressing. As of now there are nine groups in Tsangano, five in Makwangwala and six from Songa area who are doing IGA activities in these two Districts.


  • Formation and registration of IGA clubs
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Club collaboration and networking
  • Formulation of club by-laws
  • Member contribution to club fund
  • Training in skills and business management
  • Facilitation of loan accessibility
  • Club graduation exercise


  • People have developed an interest in IGA
  • People have started to open bank accounts
  • People have started saving their money
  • Community sensitization on the IGA program has been successful


NKatho village banking club has benefited from this program. Previously, they didn’t know that they can have an opportunity of opening an account with the bank. The IGA program has enabled them to contribute K7500 00 in their group and now with the help from SOM they are in the process of drafting by-laws which will help them to open account with one of the Banks in Ntcheu District.


  • To train these groups in business management
  • To link them with other lending institutions so that they can access loans
  • To help them find markets for their business so that they get profits
  • To collaborate and network with other organizations for information sharing and capacity building