Get Involved

We Need Your Involvement

Become involved as a volunteer, prayer partner, and/or financial supporter of the following SOM Programs:

  • Orphan Student Sponsorship
  • Agriculture Programs and Projects
  • HIV/AIDS Programs and Medicines
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Kid's Clubs and Bible Camps
  • Building of a HIV/AIDS Medical Hostel to provide medical care to for orphans
  • Building of school buildings and and teacher house
  • Training of caregivers on Home Based Care for the orphans
  • Employment skill training
  • Provide income for families by purchasing Goats or Oxen.

a. $30/month helps an HIV/AIDS orphan at at our care center-currently we have 58 of them.

b. $150/year pays for school for one orphan-currently we are sponsoring 100 orphans in schools

c. $750/year pays for a college orphan-currently we are sponsoring 40 students

d. $40 buys a goat for an orphan-this is a one time gift and the first goat child is passed on to another family-todate we have distributed 900 goats

e. $150/year supports an orphan care giver with a loan for seed, fertilizer and an irrigation pump

f. $15/month purchases food for an orphan-currently we are supporting 3,000 orphans

g. $400 per month of vitameal feeds 200 children at a community based child care center-currently we have 5,500 children being fed in 57 community based child care centers

f. $3,500 feeds 1,000 chidren at a 3 children's gathering ($3.5/child)-these gatherings take place once a quarter

g. $20,000 builds a teacher's house at our school-currently we have 8 teachers houses we need 8 more

h. $25,000 builds a 2 classroom block at our school-currently we have 4 classrooms and we need 4 more

i. $30,000 will build a school laboratory-currently we have no laboratory at our high school

j. $30,000 will build a school library-currently our 300 students school does not have one

k. $7,000 will build 4 room concrete pit latrine-our 300 student school currently has only 1

l. $8,000 will build a two bedroom gramother's house who is a caregiver-currently we have 10 and we need 20 more

m. $50 supports an adult literacy school with books and pens-currently we have 15 adult literacy schools

j. $10,000 will provide a well for a community of 200 families

k. $2,000 will provide solar equipment and installation for a school of 300 students to study at night

j. $14,000 will provide maize mill for an income generating activitity to support 100 HIV affected people


Proposals at hand:

1. Community Based Child Care Center/feeding: $135,000

2. HIV and AIDS $120,000

3. Treadle pumps for irrigation: $50,000

4. Micro-loan for orphan caregivers: $6,000

5. Gender and Justice: $10,000

6. Food For Work for 5,000 families to do community gardens and work on 400kms of community road networks: $200,000